Perhaps no wine is steeped in as much historical mystique as Primitivo (pronounced pri-mi-tea-vo). While it is better known as Zinfandel, we split the two because in style this Italian production is vastly different than the Zinfandels of California. Legends abound from it being the “primi” or first grape turned into wine to being the wine served at the Last Supper (Jesus and his boys certainly had a taste for the good stuff). Most famous from Apulia in Southern Italy its expressive acidity and relatively high alcohol make for a wonderful warm weather old world wine. We love this with Italian dishes and experiences from an acidic balsamic drenched caprese salad to some anchovies on toasted bread and even a tall glass while watching The Godfather. This is a value driven wine as it is often overshadowed by its more famous northerly Italian friends (Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Armani, and Ferrari). Look for great bottles running around $20 and don’t be afraid to impress your friends with something they’ve never heard of.

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