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Pinot Noir

Made truly famous by the movie Sideways, Pinot Noir is a temperamental, hard to grow, light style wine most famous from Burgundy in France, New Zealand, Oregon, Sonoma, and even Germany (where is has the grin inducing name Spätburgunder- isn’t German such a beautiful language…). Think of Pinot Noir as having the patience and maturity of toddler but the complexity of assembling Ikea furniture. The tannin tends to be low on the wine, but can work toward medium if extra oak has been used in the aging. The generally high acidity makes for a highly versatile pairing wine. To sort of quote those hot sauce commercials, “Pinot you can drink that sh** with anything”. Price is certainly a limiting factor, as great bottles are jaw-dropingly expensive. However, value can be had especially from Oregon, New Zealand, and the Côte Chalonnaise in Burgundy, France. Our favorite parings include brie, scallops, pizza, grilled fish, risotto, duck, and anything on the menu. 

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