How to Drink Champagne & Sparking Wine

So you’ve pulled the trigger and purchased a delicious bottle of sparkling wine, a few of our value minded favorites are Laurent-Perrier Brut N.V. ($39), Roederer Estate Brut N.V. ($22), and Gruet Brut N.V. ($18), but how do you drink it? Super cold or chilled, and in what type of glass?

We believe more than a little of the joy of drinking wine comes from the smells, and for sparkling wine these can include bread, toast, cinnamon, yeast, and flowers. Despite these unique aromas most people turn to the traditional and celebratory Champagne flute. While we do have a favorite flute for celebrations, the Schott Zwiesel Tritan which is lead free and durable thanks to it being woven with titanium, unless this is a true celebration we highly recommend a wide white wine glass for sparkling wine.

To fully enjoy the complexity of sparkling wine serve it chilled, about 30 minutes spent in the fridge so as not to mute out any wonderful aromas the winemaker imparted on it, and then pour around 5 ounces into either a Schott Zwiesel Tritan sauvignon blanc glass or a stemless glass, such as the Libbey Vina, which are sturdy and easy to clean. Regardless of your choice of glass be sure to take a moment and truly smell and taste the sparkling wine as it is one of life’s greatest pleasures!


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