I’m sure you may be saying to yourself, “what in the hell is Gamay” (pronounced Gam-May). And the truth is we have no idea either, so might as well move on to the other pages… Just kidding (well sort of…). However, in its relative unknown nature there is great value to be had from Gamay. This light-bodied light-colored cold climate wine is most famous from the southern region of Burgundy, known as Beaujolais. The best bottles are no more than $29 (look for the work Cru- which we think is either French for awesome or amazing). It is extremely low in tannin, has low alcohol, medium high acid, and a cool sounding French name makes it a wonderful bottle to open for friends, colleagues, and mothers-in-law when you want to be fancy. Much like its neighbor to the north of Burgundy, Pinot Noir, Gamay is highly versatile when pairing with food and company. When in doubt head for soft and hard cheeses, proteins, herbaceous dishes, and even a glass alone in a warm bubble bath (candles are optional but always highly encouraged…).

The Mystery of Beaujolais Nouveau

This delicious fresh wine is something of an enigma in both is production style, system of release, and what to drink it with. First is release of the wine, no matter when harvested and fermented Beaujolais Nouveau always comes to the market on the 3rd Thursday of November (weird we know). With production all are 100% Gamay, harvested by hand, and undergo and unique fermentation process called ‘carbonic fermentation’. Don’t worry about this intercellular fermentation (yeah we dropped some science on you there), but just know this leads to a lovely fresh fruity wine meant to be drunk young and slightly chilled. A perfect wine to bring to a picnic or day on the beach.

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