A Question We Always Get Asked…

Perhaps one of the most confusing parts of wine is what to order when you are in a restaurant. The pricing can be confusing, the lists full of labels you’ve never heard of, and the wait staff sometimes less than forthcoming with something value minded and still delicious. We were once victims of the infamous [...]

Our Favorite Late Summer Wines

1) Faustino Gran Reserva 2001, Rioja, Spain ($30) PURCHASE LINK This highly rated wine is a rare example of a declsious vintage at a reasonable price. A balanced mix of 85% Tempranillo, 10% Grenache, and 5% Mazuelo it is intense cherry in color and complex on the nose. The extra body  and complexity lends itself well [...]

What Regions to Buy Chenin Blanc From

While Chenin Blanc is grown throughout the globe, we have two decidedly favorite places where it is produced: South Africa and France. While some is grown in the USA and Australia, we recommend sticking to these two regions. It is a highly versatile grape (sort of like the Jeep of wines) that varies in ripeness, [...]

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When to Pop That Bottle of Champagne (and which one to choose for each occasion)

Champagne, or sparkling wine, is one of wine’s great pleasures. Champagne has taken on an important part of many celebratory experiences- from mimosas in the morning before a wedding, christening a new ship, or firing off a bottle at a birthday dinner (we just celebrated my dad’s 60th with a wonderful bottle of Billecart-Salmon Brut). We [...]

Why We Love Screw Cap Wines

For a long time screw tops have been subjected to a great deal of unfair criticism and wrongfully villainized as exclusively for cheap poor-tasting wines. However, this is far from the truth! While with certain wines cork has its advantages, especially with long-term aging and allowing the wine to breathe. However, the quality of [...]

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Three of Our Favorite Sauvignon Blancs

Our Method: For Sauvignon Blanc we look for traditional measures of quality, including herbs on the nose and slight variances with different climates. Beyond this, these reviews are based on our opinion of what makes for a great value-minded wine. We look for balance and no flaws. Second, we taste all the wines to ensure [...]

Top 3 Summertime Chardonnays

Our Method: For Chardonnay we look for traditional measures of quality, regional differences and the wines being expressive of their climate (which is primarily based on ripeness correlated to how warm or cold the climate is). Beyond this, these reviews are based on our opinion of what makes for a great value-minded bottle of wine. We look [...]

Why you should be drinking Riesling!

There are few wine varietals as misunderstood as Riesling. Once thought of as cheap sweet wine from Germany that led to head crunching hangovers. Riesling has gone through a global quality resurgence and is something to truly be enjoyed. Our favorites come from either Alsace in France or Germany and while some can be [...]

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Buying Guide: France (French Wine)

When one thinks of France it is almost impossible not to get confused, between the regions, grapes, climates, history, and opinions. France often stands as a base of reference for the whole word’s guide for what makes a “fine” wine. Thus, we should certainly give it its due credence as somewhere truly special. From [...]