When to Pop That Bottle of Champagne (and which one to choose for each occasion)

Champagne, or sparkling wine, is one of wine’s great pleasures. Champagne has taken on an important part of many celebratory experiences- from mimosas in the morning before a wedding, christening a new ship, or firing off a bottle at a birthday dinner (we just celebrated my dad’s 60th with a wonderful bottle of Billecart-Salmon Brut). We [...]

Three of Our Favorite American Sparkling Wines

Our Method: For Non-French Sparkling Wines we look for wines made in the traditional French method with high attention to quality, yeasty smells on the nose, and pleasant small bubbles. Beyond this, these reviews are based on our opinion of what makes for a great value-minded wine. We look for balanced wines with no flaws. Second, we [...]

Buying Guide: France (French Wine)

When one thinks of France it is almost impossible not to get confused, between the regions, grapes, climates, history, and opinions. France often stands as a base of reference for the whole word’s guide for what makes a “fine” wine. Thus, we should certainly give it its due credence as somewhere truly special. From [...]

The Joys of Napa

There are few places in America, or the world for that matter, that are as abjectly gorgeous as the Napa Valley. The sun, stars, vineyards, restaurants, and people all combine to make for a truly remarkable place. There are many ways one can do a trip to Napa, from frugal to ultra-luxury, and each [...]

What (and why) to drink alone (occasionally)

So, you've had a long day at work, the fridge is tragically empty (except for that one jar of salsa from 2009), and you don't feel like doing much of anything. Of course, there is nothing good on TV, the significant other is out of town, what to do what to do…. Well we [...]

How to Drink Champagne & Sparking Wine

So you've pulled the trigger and purchased a delicious bottle of sparkling wine, a few of our value minded favorites are Laurent-Perrier Brut N.V. ($39), Roederer Estate Brut N.V. ($22), and Gruet Brut N.V. ($18), but how do you drink it? Super cold or chilled, and in what type of glass? We believe more [...]

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What exactly is Rosé (besides drinkable all day)?

Few wines bring about the positive memories of summertime outdoor fun more than Rosé. Its colorful pink hue, acidic freshness, and easy drinking make for a wonderful compliment to a picnic, BBQ, day on the beach, or even just a lazy Sunday evening on the porch. However, what exact wine making magic turns this [...]

Best Hot Weather Wine Cocktails

Certainly, summertime has brought about more warm weather activities and with that comes a want to sip on something refreshing and delicious. We have a few favorites that will compliment any well-deserved summertime thirst. The first is the classic Venetian Spritz, a simplistic Italian cocktail comprising 2 Ounces of Campari or Aperol, Sparkling Wine, [...]

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