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Cabernet Franc

Most famous for its blending ability in Bordeaux, Cabernet Franc is expressive in its own right as a single varietal (which means bottled by itself) wine, especially from France. It pairs wonderfully with food and has a medium body (like someone who goes to the gym but isn’t trying to bulk up and definitely skips leg day). The vast majority comes from France, but South Africa, ‘Merica, and Chile all grow some, both for blending and bottling by itself. Our favorite food parings focus on cheese and herbs, especially goat cheese and feta as well as savory green herbs (thyme and oregano) and spicy spices. If you are feeling frisky, a reasonably priced bottle with medium spiced Indian food and reruns of Seinfeld or New Girl makes for a transcendental evening experience.

Cabernet Sounds Familiar….

Fun Fact Alert!! You may notice that Cabernet Franc shares its root word with Cabernet Sauvignon, and for noticing this you are truly an A+ student. The story goes like this… Cabernet Franc matched with Sauvignon Blanc on Wine-Tinder. After a lovely date filled with laughs they had a very special night together. About one growing season later Cabernet Sauvignon was born. (In reality, the crossing occurred naturally in the 1600s in the southwest of France, though we like our more romantic version more)

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